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February 2009

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Home » Archives » February 2009 » Training for 24-9 24hr race in July

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02/28/2009: "Training for 24-9 24hr race in July"

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Well, the last two weeks have been very intersting training wise. 12 days ago on Monday is where Ill start. Got off work late and so I started spinning late, but did the Troy Jacobson Time Trial video twice, with some modifications of the resistance level. Then napped for 4 hours and did it again for a total of almost 6.5 hrs of riding. Tuesday did some sauna and stretching work. Wednesday did the intervals work out and took Thursday off and then rode very early Friday for 2 hours. Then the next week, i.e. last week, I didn't have a bike, so I ran Tuesday almost race pace for 35 minutes. I was averaging 6 to just under 6 minutes a mile. Felt good to do that. I had hiked earlier in the day 6 miles. The rest of the week was spent hiking. Tried to run a little Wednesday, but the area was too hilly to stay in a low aerobic zone. So that was a good last two weeks, so now I've got to continue on with my training and stay healthy.