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February 2009

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02/12/2009: "Training"

music: Muddy Waters
mood: gotta love the rain and mud

Well, I had a great two days of riding. Tuesday was in the low 60's, sunny and a little windy. Choice of riding on the road and worry about cars or ride the paved river greenway. Trails are off limits till they freeze or dry up. The greenway it was. Started out riding and the greenway was wonderful. I little bit of light mud here and there. Then came the Maumee River greenway to New Haven. Ah, that is where the mud was hiding. It was slick and a blast to ride through, because I didn't have to worry about destroying trails. Then I made past the greenway to do a lap of the local race coarse. Then turned around to head back home, twenty miles of pure headwind. Got tucked in and rode back to the mud and then back home again. Once home, got out the hose, oops, still frozen and then washed off the mud with a bucket. LOL.