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February 2008

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02/21/2008: "I'm alive again"

music: Bauhaus

Well, I had a rough spring. I was severely injured in an accident while riding and I limped home. Then it was what to do, what to do. Well I got packed up and shipped out to IF and the bad news was delivered. I was a goner. Was I going to be rebuilt like Steve Austin or was I going to the recycle box to live again? Sadly the recycle box was in my life crazy;oh well, I can live on in dreams, right? All of my measurements were taken during the autopsy. Then off to the scrap heap went my hot pink tubes. crying

But that was not the end of the story, the silver badge stayed out of the scrap heap. It would live on as they say. Unlike Steve Austin that was rebuilt better than before, I was copied and made better than before. My tubes are even more butted than before and I became even more responsive than before. To commemorate this momentous moment, I was rebuilt with all of my old components, except the wheels and cogs. They are new. A beautiful set of Chris King Red Single Speed Disc hubs paired with double butted black DT Swiss spokes and silver nipples and new Mavic 717D rims. Now, all I need to do is swap the fork, stem, handlebar out for some lighter components and I'll be under 16 pounds and extremely beefy. With the heavier components, I'm still svelte at 18.