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February 2008

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02/21/2008: "Long Time No Blog"

music: Offspring-
mood: Brrr.

I have been a little negligent lately. The weather just hasn't been that cooperative for my pedaler lately. Either extreme cold or cold and windy or snow and ice or just another excuse, if you ask me. I was getting ridden regularly up until the middle of December '07 and then nothing since. Spinning is what he has been doing. Nothing like going nowhere fast if you ask me.

But in other news, I got a new set of wheels this last summer. A very nice set of Chris King Disc in Pink with black spokes and silver nipples and black A317 rims. Very nice, they shaved almost 2 pounds of weight from the previous set. The new tires helped as well. Now if I could only get pedaled more, then I'd be able to become faster and be able to keep up with my 26" cousins.