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January 2007

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01/03/2007: "Riding in the rain"

music: Don't Bogart That Joint My Friend
mood: Slipping through the cracks

Friday the 22nd was a rainy day and it just wouldn't stop. I couldn't make up my mind to ride, but then my pedaler said what the hell it is 50 degrees towards the end of December and you have to the opportunity when you can. So off we went.....Read on for more

Well, since the roads were slick and the drivers not very attentive and the trails not worth trashing, we thought it best to ride the rivergreenway.

We started at Foster Park and headed north to Swinney Park. Just before Swinney under the Jefferson Road bridge the river was at the edge of path, just barely lapping it. Then we continued till Headwaters Park and then on towards Johnny Appleseed park, but then turning and following Maumee section east towards Kreager Park. Well, the section along here started out fine, but then the mud started to appear.

First it was a little bit here and there and then the next thing we knew my rear was sliding right and my front was sliding left. Then we straightened it out and for the next two miles it was more of the same. Very treacherous indeed!!!! Then the mud disappeared all the way to Kreager Park.

Kreager Park: Turn around point, place of no return and wanting to be clean and dry.

We knew we had one mile of mudless riding and then another 2 miles of pure mud. By the time we got out of the mud, I was brown and no daisies were visible and my pedaler was brown as well. When we finally made it home we had traversed about 30 miles. Whew!

Till the next ride.