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April 2008

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04/30/2008: "Flats, lots and lots of flats"

music: TV Party Tonight-Black Flag
mood: bummed

angry, grr Well, I was ridden a week ago on a Tuesday afternoon and suffered a twig puncturing my front tire. Limped home and got my tube fixed, then the next day, I went on a long ride and noticed my front tire again had a thorn in it this time, but I was almost home by then and so no big deal. Replaced the front tube and then parked for the night with the hopes of being able to get a short ride in on the Thursday. Well, Thursday arrived and my pedaler checks the front pressure and it is still at 40psi. Then the rear tire check shows it to be low. So off the rear comes and low and behold another thorn in the rear tire. These flats are getting kind of old and expensive.

Fixed again, but the time to ride was gone, maybe the Friday, the 18th of April will be a good day to ride.