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November 2006

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11/16/2006: "Second ride"

music: Brother Rat - No Means No
mood: Finally still

Well, as I mentioned, I finally got to go out on a short spin. It took a while to get the shifters and brake set up and then, just when you think every thing is right, the rear brake caliper........

.... the wrong one. So then it was another week for the correct caliper. Then came the fun part. I had already assembled the shifting for the front and rear and the front brake was done as well. Now came the rear brake. Attached the hose to the master cylinder and then to the caliper. Filled the master cylinder with fluid and then tried to bleed the system. Didn't work. Removed hose from caliper and then was able to bleed hose and then attached to caliper and then was able to bleed it properly. It took a lot of fluid to finally get rid of all of the air.

So then on Tuesday went on my first ride to Foster Park for an hour ride just to try it out and wow that was fun.