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November 2006

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11/02/2006: "Brakes and Shifters"

music: Time Warp
mood: Yippie

My rider talked to the shifter and brakes person and they are supposed to get shipped out today and that would mean that they will arrive on Monday or Tuesday. Just in case, he ordered an extra set from somewhere else and those will arrive if I'm really lucky tomorrow. I might get to go on a test ride before the weekend. big grin

Oh, don't forget to vote if you are registered to vote. I of course can't vote, I'm a bike, but if I could, I would.

In the meantime, I'm going to pray for warmer weather. Today's high was 42 or so and it even flurried some in the late afternoon. Tomorrow isn't supposed to be much better, but it is supposed to be sunnier. Hopefully somebody will get to go out and ride tomorrow.

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